Monday, 3 January 2011

The Waiting Game!

Approximately just 8 weeks to go before our native snakes emerge from hibernation and I can't wait!
It is usually the male adders, which emerge first with the female adders and grass snakes a couple of weeks later. Its amazing to see them basking after their lengthy ordeal of having to go without food for up to 20 weeks and this just shows how resilient and hardy this species is.
I always record my first sighting and I try to get a photograph. This is not always possible as I do not approach them at this time of year, due to the fact that they require food and warmth to build up their energy to survive. If they are disturbed during this time, when it is still very cold during the evening and night, it could have devastating consequences for them.

This is a pic of my first male adder sighting from 2010. Out quite early compared to previous years!

Shooting Date/Time 01/03/2010 11:17:53

And here is another from 2007.

Shooting Date/Time 17/03/2007 14:29:09

Only after they have eaten and after the temperatures have risen to approximately +10oC will I approach them to get detailed shots.

The shot below is from 2010. It is a male adder and he was quite relaxed with my presence, as I was at his level.
As I was moving very calmly, so not to disturb him, it gave me the opportunity to move to within a few feet of him as he was basking on the edge of a bracken hedge, using the bracken as support so he could reach the best spot for the sun's rays.

Shooting Date/Time 15/03/2010 13:50:45

Roll on March 2011!


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