Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Sniffing The Dasies

Photographing snakes is easy, right? Wrong!

You can never predict where they will emerge and this can sometimes create some tricky situations.
I heard this female grass snake before I saw her and just managed to get my camera on her in time, before she slithered off. She didn't go far though and I did manage to photograph her again, later on.
If you startle a grass snake they will sometimes rear up, a bit like a cobra, to try and intimidate the threat. If you have a 120cm snake, they can lift around 30cm of their body off the ground and if you are lying down, as I usually am, it "can" be intimidating!
I have some pics of the grass snake rearing up and will post them soon.

The sun was behind this female and with the daisy in the frame it made a nice back lit image.


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