Saturday, 30 March 2013

1st Adder of 2013 - At Long Last!

It has felt like and age and I was starting to think that the winter weather was never going to leave (well the Forest of Dean anyway).
Then, on Saturday 30th March the sun came out and for a change I wasn't at work, so with Scott Passmore (GlosARG compatriot), I grabbed the camera and headed to our first of three survey areas for the day.
Within 10 minuets of being at the first sight we found our first adder (Vipera berus) of 2013!

GlosARG 1st Adder of 2013 

Unfortunately, this was the last sighting in this area and this was disappointing as this is by far, one of the best areas that we know of.

The other two sites were fruitless, but as we didn't see any lizards of slow-worms either, the lad in the photo above must be the rebel of the area as he was last to go in and first to come out!

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