Thursday, 4 August 2011


You may remember my post earlier this year when I, along with a friend carried some heavy corrugated tin, on our heads to a location in the Forest of Dean.
This tin was to give the adders some artificial refuge and help with the decline in their numbers in this area.
After giving the reptiles time to get used to the change in their habitat and explore it, I went back for the first time yesterday evening. Although the tin was nearly covered by bracken I managed to take a look underneath and success as the first piece had two slow worms underneath. This was great to see as adders share the same basking spots as the slow worm, so I moved on to the next piece hoping to see one taking advantage of it!
Nothing under the second piece except a large ant nest, so I re-positioned it in a different location.
I dug my way in through the bracken to the third piece and lifted it up. There she was, a lovely female adder, coiled up right in the centre.
I was over the moon and this just shows what a little hard work and determination can achieve!

No pics of the adder I'm afraid, for a couple of reasons.
1. I didn't want to disturb her, so the tin was carefully placed back down straight away.
2. It would have been hard taking a photograph one handed!

A massive thank you to my friend Mark Dando for his help and an equal amount of credit is due to him for helping a species in decline, in the Forest of Dean!


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