Saturday, 7 May 2011

Nine Year Old Girl Bitten by Adder in New Forest!

It happens quite a lot, but when it happens to a young child it is a worrying time. The adder's bite is not that serious, unless you get a allergic reaction called anaphylactic shock, or Anaphylaxis and then it can be very serious, even fatal if untreated!
Unfortunately, nine year old Tylar Butcher was recently bitten while holidaying with her family in the New Forest and suffered an allergic reaction, which required hospital treatment. Thankfully she is making an excellent recovery and has even shown an interest in the adder. This is great news as it will have a very positive impact on the way certain people think and react towards this snake.

The adder has been persecuted for years, for just being able to defend itself and as humans we see it as a threat, so we kill it. Thankfully we are not all like this and some of us want to protect them. I hope Tylar will grow up wanting to help protect them too!
Read Tylar's STORY HERE


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