Saturday, 16 April 2011

Worrying Times!

As you have most probably heard on the radio or seen on the TV, our native adder is in trouble!
National statistics have shown that adder numbers are dropping throughout the country and the Forest of Dean is one area for concern.
I have been surveying for NARRS from day one (2007) and I have also been monitoring my snake locations for more than 20 years.
During one visit to one of my hot spots back in April 2005 I found 18 snakes in approx 1 hour. I visited he same area at the same time this year and found just one grass snake and no adders! Very disturbing!
However, I did find these two females at a spot, which has not been fruitful over the years and hopefully there will be a few fella's around soon.

No close up's today as they were tucked under a small tree and gorse bush and if I had pushed to get close it would have disturbed them.



  1. I read that frog and toad numbers are down as well. I wonder if there is a correlation. Sad i like reptiles and it's years since I've seen a lizard or Slow Worm.

  2. It is hard to be possitive about these things really. Im worried that if people find out where adders live ( most dont ) they will harm them or complain that they are dangerous to the public. If that happens then land owners i.e the forestry commision may have to remove them.