Saturday, 8 October 2011

My Wildlife on TV!

Great to see they featured the female adder I found for BBC Autumnwatch on last night's programme.
Also the hornets and wild boar, although all credit goes to them for actually finding the wild boars. I just put them in the right location.

A massive thank you to all three presenters for standing up for the wild boars in the UK, a creature very close to my heart.



Saturday, 1 October 2011

BBC Autumnwatch are Here!

Today I spent the morning with a film crew from BBC Autumnwatch. The main subject was supposed to be wild boar and although I found them a fantastic location (filming tonight), I couldn't resist taking them to one of my adder hot-spots!
It wasn't long before I found a lovely "big" female for them to film and although she was quite shy, hopefully they captured enough decent footage to be included in the programme.
I also found them some hornets building a nest! This was something I really didn't expect to find as this species dies off during the winter months, so this is not really the best time to start building a nest. We are seeing some unusually hot weather at the moment and this is probably the reason for this unusual activity.

Will be on TV next Friday, so get tuned in!